An EXCEL Visualisation

by Jamila Farouk Jawula and Kwasi Amankwah Awuah

The video below is a visualisation of organisations and the sum of amounts they have donated to charities of different themes from year 2006 to 2018. This visualisation was made in excel using the 360giving dataset combined with data sets from the UK Charity Commission website.

  1. The x-axis represents the different the various themes that donations were made to. And these are further displayed as colour codes on the bubbles.

  2. The y-axis combines the name of the Funding Organisation and theme to determine the particular theme each organisation made a donation to.

  3. The size of the bubble shows the magnitude of the sum of the donation made by an organisation within a year.

Thus the data labels shows the funding organisation’s name and the colour code determines the theme.

Click to view the video